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We act like we have time. Well, we do. Just not to waste. Some historians say time is an illusion, and it really doesn’t exist. I haven’t completed any detailed research to affirm or disagree. I’m simply stating a point of view.

The intended point is what are we spending our time on?
Is it productive? Is it mind stimulating?
Is it engaging? Is it purposeful?
Will it benefit our offspring?

I wonder when we answer these questions what our responses will be. By our results so far, it’s evident we are not as productive as we could be.

It’s evident we try to catch every snapchat of another person’s life instead of focusing on building our own.

It’s evident we relentlessly stroll through our Instagram news feeds debating on whether or not we should like a picture.

It’s evident we rather sit in front a TV that shows nothing but propaganda and negative images intended to distort our thinking than create positive images we can build on.

Time is the only commodity you cannot get back once you’ve used it. You may say “I’m only 20-something. I have time.” Actually you don’t, before you know it you’ll look up and years have flown by.

How you used your time will be VERY EVIDENT.


By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

6 replies on “Time ”

Lili, absolutely. However, any habit that is learned can be unlearned. Lack of purpose, desire, and will stagnates a person rather than focusing energy towards a vision/goal.

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