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2020 Gifting With Purpose Guide

Exercise: Define 2020 in three words silently to yourself. I am positive we would each come up with different answers. Some may say “This has been the most progressive year of my life.” Some may say “I can’t wait for it to be over. I cannot take anymore”. Every person’s feelings and perspective is valid […]

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Nebulous Seasons

Is anyone else thinking, “Omg, it’s April already? Have you reviewed your personal and professional goals in disappointment? Does it feel like nothing MAJOR or extremely exciting has happened as you reflect on what you were doing last year this time? You are not alone. In fact, I answered yes to all three! But what […]


S P R I N G  F O R T H

Who’s ready for Spring? I think we are in agreement that we have had a harsh winter filled with wintry mixes and snow storms.  As I look out on my balcony this morning, I’m amazed at the beauty of the day. The sun is shining ever so bright welcoming the new season. I love every […]