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Motherhood in June

On June 14, 2021 at 6:13 am, my partner and I welcomed our first child, Cameron Bernard Murray Jr. earth side. Surrounded by a whirlwind of emotions, I haven’t created the time to process the beauty of my labor and birth. With that being said, I decided to spend a month offline (June 21st – […]


Unraveling Friendships: When to Stitch and When to Throw Away

Self-Reflection Questions: When was the last time someone told you “You’re a great friend!” or demonstrated her appreciation through a small deed? Further, do the people in your life see you as a dependable friend? According to Oxford Dictionary, friendships are a place of mutual trust and support between friends. Many of us say we […]

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Chiquita with No Purpose

I recently met and have had the opportunity to observe a nine year old chihuahua mix, Chiquita. It’s been an interesting experience as I’ve studied her behavior and how she moves around the space. Dogs are brilliant and in many ways parallel human life. They can be timid in new environments or around new faces. […]

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A Shaky Voice Still Has Sound: Leading With Authenticity

Have you ever been afraid to raise your hand in a high school or college class because you felt like you should know the answer? Have you ever kept your feedback or insight in a work meeting in fear of rejection or not being heard? Have you ever been in the home you were raised […]

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2020 Gifting With Purpose Guide

Exercise: Define 2020 in three words silently to yourself. I am positive we would each come up with different answers. Some may say “This has been the most progressive year of my life.” Some may say “I can’t wait for it to be over. I cannot take anymore”. Every person’s feelings and perspective is valid […]

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Reminders from God’s Calendar

Monday night before bed, I reviewed my monthly goals. Goals are easier to chew when you take a bite each day. Say no to overindulgence, my friends. I said to myself, “When I wake up, I’m going to do this, this and this.” Gratefully, the sun rose and I had another chance to strive towards […]

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The Spirit Virus

What ever happened to soul food? I’m not talking about the collard greens, the cornbread, the yams, or the dressing. I’m talking about the infectious, tasty conversations people use to bring to the table. Now, it seems like we as culture drink spoiled milk and vomit on others in public. Our attitudes being as tasteless […]

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Flower Gardens in My Heart

As I reflect on the month of February, it’s been a great one. The month started with intense workouts in the training facility I consistently go to. The second week I celebrated my 28th Birthday in beautiful Orlando, Florida. The week ended with a dim light dinner with 14 of my closest family and friends. […]

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God Protected 28

365 days went by. 3..2..1.. the clock struck 12:00am and I wake up 28. Where did the years go? Did I live in them or did they live me? How did my legs get so long and my confidence so strong? As I lay in a bed not my own, that of a Airbnb owner, […]

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The Day I Grew Strength From My Ancestors Wounds

I used to consume history in high school like popsicles on a sunny day. I was intoxicated with learning what happened before my existence. My mind swelled with knowledge of how what became what and how who become who. I would go through trails in my head with the intent to get to the end […]