Unraveling Friendships: When to Stitch and When to Throw Away

Self-Reflection Questions: When was the last time someone told you “You’re a great friend!” or demonstrated her appreciation through a small deed? Further, do the people in your life see you as a dependable friend? According to Oxford Dictionary, friendships are a place of mutual trust and support between friends. Many of us say we […]

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Conversations with Coeta, my laundry lady

One of my life aspirations is to purchase a multi-acre ranch to pass through my family’s future generations. Key: Land ownership + an income producing asset. Recently, I ran across a Women’s Health article by Rachael Rodgers, CEO of @hello7co and @therodgersranch who recommended women stop doing laundry if you desire to be a millionaire. […]


Technology Rules the World

It’s vitally important to love what you do. Whether it be a banker, lawyer, accountant, or rising entrepreneur. Even more important to be aware of how technology affects what you currently do and how you can position yourself for greatness in years to come! The video below gives you a quick glimpse of how technology […]

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Remember This…

I didn’t have the time But I made the time. I didn’t have the knowledge But I did what I knew. I didn’t have the support But I learned to support myself. I didn’t have the confidence But the confidence came with results. I had a lot going against me But I had enough going […]