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The Black Girl’s Guide to College: The World

Congratulations, sis 👩🏽‍🎓! You’ve made it through 12 years of schooling and now you’ve decided to take on at least four more. ✅ you’ve completed your FASFA ✅ you’ve picked out your roommate ✅ you’ve got your on-campus food card ✅ you’ve registered for first semester classes ✅ you’ve got your outfits lined up in […]

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Reminders from God’s Calendar

Monday night before bed, I reviewed my monthly goals. Goals are easier to chew when you take a bite each day. Say no to overindulgence, my friends. I said to myself, “When I wake up, I’m going to do this, this and this.” Gratefully, the sun rose and I had another chance to strive towards […]

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Flower Gardens in My Heart

As I reflect on the month of February, it’s been a great one. The month started with intense workouts in the training facility I consistently go to. The second week I celebrated my 28th Birthday in beautiful Orlando, Florida. The week ended with a dim light dinner with 14 of my closest family and friends. […]

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Rivers of Compassion and Grace

Lately, I have found myself quick to respond without fully listening, make comments that do not usher in grace or understanding, and quick to judge another’s logic. Today in my daily meditation, I was reminded of times when I made really bad decisions, led with my emotions or simply just didn’t get it right. It […]


2015 Annual Report

Dear followers, Thank you for taking time out of your hectic days to read my thoughts, experiences, and poems. 2015 has been a year of love, happiness, and sadness with the loss of loved ones. As we enter 2016, I encourage you to walk in truth and love. Be who you were created to be. […]

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College: Still the Golden Ticket?

Millennials have been trained since birth that education is the key to success. We have been trained to go to school, settle for nothing less than honor roll, you’re definitely not cool if you don’t play a sport(actually get in) ha, graduate, and go to work. Education and knowledge is crucial to the progression of any […]