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Chiquita with No Purpose

I recently met and have had the opportunity to observe a nine year old chihuahua mix, Chiquita. It’s been an interesting experience as I’ve studied her behavior and how she moves around the space. Dogs are brilliant and in many ways parallel human life. They can be timid in new environments or around new faces. […]

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A Shaky Voice Still Has Sound: Leading With Authenticity

Have you ever been afraid to raise your hand in a high school or college class because you felt like you should know the answer? Have you ever kept your feedback or insight in a work meeting in fear of rejection or not being heard? Have you ever been in the home you were raised […]

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21’ Career Moves Affirmations + BONUS: Downloadable Cards

2020 stopped us in our tracks — whether we liked it or not. It forced us to assess the many facets of our lives including our careers. It is said that we spend half of our lives (maybe more) with the people that we work with. We are certainly fortunate to be employed, however, our […]

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Conversations with Coeta, my laundry lady

One of my life aspirations is to purchase a multi-acre ranch to pass through my family’s future generations. Key: Land ownership + an income producing asset. Recently, I ran across a Women’s Health article by Rachael Rodgers, CEO of @hello7co and @therodgersranch who recommended women stop doing laundry if you desire to be a millionaire. […]

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2020 Gifting With Purpose Guide

Exercise: Define 2020 in three words silently to yourself. I am positive we would each come up with different answers. Some may say “This has been the most progressive year of my life.” Some may say “I can’t wait for it to be over. I cannot take anymore”. Every person’s feelings and perspective is valid […]


Spiritually Dehydrated!

Originally posted on Seventy x 7:
Earlier this month I had been feeling very drained and tired. I couldn’t attribute it to work, because my job is not a tedious one. I started to realize maybe it’s because I haven’t been drinking water like I should. The next day was Sunday morning and as usual it…

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God, I’m tired but my soul won’t rest. God, I’m sad but my spirit is surviving. I’m tired of seeing your people crying. I’m tired of seeing your people surviving and dying inside. I’m tired of the brutality, blatant disrespect, intimidating energy and manipulative behavior. I watch the sun rise as my eyes stay up […]

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GrandMOTHER, You Are Missed

Written by: Britney L. Clark There’s not a day that goes by we aren’t thinking of you. We remember the ways you made us laugh, the ways you strengthened us on our worst days, the ways you hummed your favorite song when you couldn’t find the words to say. We watched you get in the […]

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How to remain confident and calm in your relationship  Relationships add to our sense of community, our desires to be seen, loved and supported. Many women have been groomed to seek long-term relationships as an accomplishment. The Barbie doll has Ken. Hallmark movies and television shows model romanticized, near perfect relationships. Because of this we often […]

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Reminders from God’s Calendar

Monday night before bed, I reviewed my monthly goals. Goals are easier to chew when you take a bite each day. Say no to overindulgence, my friends. I said to myself, “When I wake up, I’m going to do this, this and this.” Gratefully, the sun rose and I had another chance to strive towards […]