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Chiquita with No Purpose

I recently met and have had the opportunity to observe a nine year old chihuahua mix, Chiquita. It’s been an interesting experience as I’ve studied her behavior and how she moves around the space.

Dogs are brilliant and in many ways parallel human life. They can be timid in new environments or around new faces. They read their family and adjust to their behaviors.

I’ve noticed she’s possibly grown too old to play, she’s constantly getting out of the way at the slightest movements of others, she doesn’t use her voice and when she does it’s behind a tall fence where she can’t be seen. She’s spends most of her time watching others propel through their days without having much purpose of her own.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

absolutely no judgment. we’re here to grow.

Life happens fast, with or without our active participation.

If you’re not paying attention, you’re 18, 30, 40 then 60. At a few milestones, you may pause to look back over your life. Often times it’s when we’re in a valley or “feeling stuck” and wondering “How did I get here?”.

The positive news is…this doesn’t have to be your story.

Here’s what we can learn from a 6 LB chihuahua mix:

1. Make time to play! At-home game nights, cousin brunches, trying new restaurants, visiting theme parks have no age limits. Be child-like in pursuit of entertainment and laughter.

2. Know your position in every environment. When you’re constantly making space for others and neglecting yourself, you keep yourself in a constant maze. Be flexible? Yes. Be jittery at the presence of others? No.

3. Use your voice where it matters. Stay away from the inauthentic barks (threats). Avoid saying words that don’t align with who you truly are.

4. Wake up with a purpose. Let it be bigger than wash my face, go to work, get off work, eat, chill then bedtime. You deserve so much more than a mediocre life. Find meaningful work and communities to engage in.

5. Know it’s never too late. As long as there’s breathe in your being, there’s something left for you to do and become.

I’m rooting for you. Don’t be a CWAP (Chiquita Without a Purpose).

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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