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A Shaky Voice Still Has Sound: Leading With Authenticity

Have you ever been afraid to raise your hand in a high school or college class because you felt like you should know the answer?

Have you ever kept your feedback or insight in a work meeting in fear of rejection or not being heard?

Have you ever been in the home you were raised in or your current home and didn’t have the courage to say what was on your mind?

Whether you raised your hand to one or all three, you’re not alone.

As women, we’ve been conditioned to believe if we have a perspective, thought or idea, it is out of place, comes off as “bossy” or isn’t valued in comparison to other counterparts. Disclaimer: This isn’t a rah rah about the disadvantages of women. We’re simply setting the stage of where seeds of silence have been planted.

The beautiful thing is…You have the power to lean into authenticity at age 18 or 40. You have the power to take up space and feel good about it. You have the power to speak with grace and authority.

And you don’t have to do it alone. We were created for community and we actually thrive in it when we embody it!

I, Britney Clark, use to be a people pleaser, a push over, the silent woman in the meeting. I wanted to be liked more than I desired to share my gifts and brilliance. Not anymore! Here’s a few things I did to tap into my true voice:

1. I owned the uneasiness I felt when I didn’t share my true feelings, my true thoughts or my ideas. Ownership is the starting point to owning a new reality.

2. I wrote 3 things down I would do everyday to build my self-confidence: State affirmations, Study admirable Women living out loud like Michelle Obama and Beyoncé, and created an accountability folder to monitor when I did or didn’t show up.

3. I took courses and read books about how to use my voice. When we say something, we want it to be progressive, honest and respectful.

Continuously Implementing these tips and even more, I’m now leading a Guidance Group with Yellow Co. in Q2 2021. I’ll be meeting with 6 women bi-weekly offering guidance, community and accountability.

Wanna know more and be informed when enrollment is open March 2, 2021? You can add your email by clicking the image below. Hope to see you soon!

By britney

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