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21’ Career Moves Affirmations + BONUS: Downloadable Cards

2020 stopped us in our tracks — whether we liked it or not. It forced us to assess the many facets of our lives including our careers.

It is said that we spend half of our lives (maybe more) with the people that we work with.

We are certainly fortunate to be employed, however, our gratitude isn’t a license to stay in places we have outgrown, no longer serves our fulfillment or align with what we have in mind for our future.

I believe affirmations + doing the work = manifestation. I wrote the following 14 affirmations for myself and thought they may be useful for my community.

Take what you need. Make adjustments that align with your truth. Most importantly, remember life’s way too short to settle.

Everyday I wake up I get to do exactly what I love.

I am aligned with a company who aligns with my values, missions and objectives.

My take home pay is between x amount and x amount.

I get to work from my home office everyday.

I get to travel in my career and it is paid for by the company.

My company supports my mental health (or whatever your current priorities are).

I will be employed with a new company by (month and year).

I succeed in my career because I am doing what I love everyday.

My resume is only a tidbit of my abilities and capabilities.

My career does not define my worth; my existence does.

I don’t have anything to prove in my career only achieve according to my capabilities.

I end my career days with joy.

I am surrounded by genuine hearted coworkers.

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2 replies on “21’ Career Moves Affirmations + BONUS: Downloadable Cards”

This is so important for the social climate we exist in. We are so polarized in many ways and it can be hard for us to see where we belong and why. Having affirmations like these are pivotal for our growth and ability to see that path and intention clearly! I am so glad you are using affirmations and demonstrating how they contribute to the ease of living life on purpose! Kudos to you!!

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