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Conversations with Coeta, my laundry lady

One of my life aspirations is to purchase a multi-acre ranch to pass through my family’s future generations. Key: Land ownership + an income producing asset.

Recently, I ran across a Women’s Health article by Rachael Rodgers, CEO of @hello7co and @therodgersranch who recommended women stop doing laundry if you desire to be a millionaire.

Her reasoning: Don’t spend your whole weekend doing household work—it’s exhausting. Spend those value hours wisely so that on Monday you’re ready to negotiate for that raise or ask for a new job title. OR work on your business(s).

I am quick to heed wise counsel, so I created a flyer to hire a home laundry assistant. Within a few days, I hired one to provide her services weekly.

A genuine conversation sparked between us as she sorted the delicates from the whites.

Here’s what I learned from a short yet meaningful dialogue:


• At 27 weeks of pregnancy or when the baby starts to hear, put earphones on your belly and allow your child to listen to audiobooks. This helps with intelligence + future dance moves.

• Choose supportive and loving people to be around you and your child. The energy is highly transferable whether positive or negative.

• Don’t say “Sorry, I’m tired.” when you’re pregnant. You don’t owe anyone an explanation or apology for growing another human being.


• Be aware of the potential side effects of anesthesia, caesarean births and medicine given during hospital labor & delivery. A few: paralysis from the anesthesia or misplacing of your small intestines when they are put back in after a c-section.

• If possible, natural and unmedicated birth is the best. It is important to educate yourself of your options and take ownership of your body.

• Medical bills can be really expensive! Have some form of insurance in place to completely or somewhat take care of the costs. Depending on what’s done, bills can range from 4 figures to 6 figures.


• Affirm your child positively at least 1,000 times a day. They will desire your praise so much this will decrease their choices that may lead to your disapproval.

• Never discipline a child by taking away quality time from them. Remove material possessions but never your love, affection and attention.

• When a child is throwing a tantrum in a grocery store, get on the floor with them. The added attention will cause a shift to embarrassment when he sees how people are reacting to the ruckus.

I’m thankful my bath towels are fresh and fluffy. I’m thankful my vintage sweater is ready for the next dinner date. I’m especially thankful for the space and wisdom shown to me from my laundry lady.

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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