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2020 Gifting With Purpose Guide

Exercise: Define 2020 in three words silently to yourself.

I am positive we would each come up with different answers. Some may say “This has been the most progressive year of my life.” Some may say “I can’t wait for it to be over. I cannot take anymore”.

Every person’s feelings and perspective is valid simply because it’s theirs.

By the time we looked up, we were sitting at virtual Thanksgiving tables, socially distanced ones or small gatherings in the places we call home. On that same day, many Christmas lights, ornaments, trees and stockings filled our homes.

Christmas has commonly been known as a holiday that brings family together, a time that welcomes joy and the celebration of others with purchasing gifts.

Our economic situations may look different than previous years so I’ve taken a moment to share 3 ways you can gift with purpose while maintaining your peace, love and joy.

3 Ways to Gift with Purpose in 2020 without feeling ashamed, guilty or sad for not having the financial resources

1. Take a serious inventory of your home and look for 3 items that DO NOT spark joy that have not been used or you do not see a purposeful need for them in the future. There may have been a time in the year where you bought something to distract yourself, caught a good sale or simply wanted to support someone. You didn’t really need or want it but you bought it anyway. Take those items and wrap them in a nice box and wrapping paper from Dollar Tree (yes, they carry the Hallmark brand) so that they may experience joy and you make room for more goodness to come your way.

2. This year has brought a lot of sickness and although we are taking precautions, think about an old babysitter, high school teacher or church member you haven’t visited. Schedule a time to spend 30 minutes to an hour with them. If you don’t feel comfortable going into their home, speak from your car. The point is creating time to show someone you are willing to take time out of your day to check on their well-being (mental, physical and spiritual). Out of all the gifts I have received in my life, memories have been the best.

3. If you are accustomed to sending a physical Christmas card but money is tight and you didn’t get a chance to take Christmas pictures this year, worry not. Go through your Camera Roll and pick a few pictures where you and your family were put together a few times this year or even in previous years. Search for “free digital Christmas cards” and add your family’s pictures. Send them to your normal Christmas contact list via email. We have all had to adapt to technology this year and the digital card will be accessible for years to come.

There you have it! 3 quick, simple and loving ways to share your Christmas experience and jump start 2021 from a place of knowing you gave from your heart.

Have a wonderful Holiday season! I’m always rooting for you, B.

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