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God, I’m tired but my soul won’t rest.

God, I’m sad but my spirit is surviving.

I’m tired of seeing your people crying.

I’m tired of seeing your people surviving and dying inside.

I’m tired of the brutality, blatant disrespect, intimidating energy and manipulative behavior.

I watch the sun rise as my eyes stay up to wait on my black king to return home.

I send a text. I make a call — no answer.

My heart starts racing, pacing, wondering if he got chased by a upholder of the law. Or is he?

God, your people are tired. I would ask how long but I know you know the anxiousness of my awareness.

I won’t back down. I won’t be defeated. I won’t let my guard down. No, I won’t be defeated.

A black man can’t be beat. Let’s go…

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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