Family Life

GrandMOTHER, You Are Missed

Written by: Britney L. Clark

There’s not a day that goes by we aren’t thinking of you.

We remember the ways you made us laugh, the ways you strengthened us on our worst days, the ways you hummed your favorite song when you couldn’t find the words to say.

We watched you get in the ring with all kinds of setbacks, heartaches and pains yet you always came out on the winning side.

Your gracious heart taught us how to love. You never gave up on yourself or anyone else.

You taught us determination, self-will and how to make a way when there were little options.

You use to say “There’s a brighter side somewhere.” It was a place of higher peace.

It was a place where you could rest with continual sunrise.

We’ll never forget the day you traded your physical existence for one of eternal life.

If we had it our way, we would of kept you around forever to squeeze your grandbabies cheeks and to be ready every Saturday morning for a grocery store run.

If we had it our way, you would still be here to say you’re not cooking to only moments later a whole meal was prepared with love.

GrandMOTHER, we miss you. We honor you each day by living out the values you fed us.

We are okay with not having things our way.

You wouldn’t of wanted it any other way than God’s.

With love,

Your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family and friends

Pictured: Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of Mary Alice Hooks

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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