Kings & Queens

Today during my daily listening time on YouTube, I ran across a video pertaining to relationships. Essentially, it was about women and men needing each and life isn’t as fun without our interactions. It also touched on how when we experience heartbreak and dysfunction in relationships, we two choices. Let the experience define you OR grow from it and continue to believe that love is real and is out there for you. The video inspired this post.

We often neglect just how valuable and necessary we (man and woman) are to each other. We frequently use derogatory labels. We judge each other before saying a word to one another. We let our past relationships define our current ones. 

“Strong” women utter the words “I don’t need a man.” But actually you do. Not to define or validate . But to be lead by logic, strength, and masculinity. It’s no mistake women are created how we are or men how they are. The two build together. The two create offspring together. The two create dynasties. Chess reminds us of this reality. 

Takeaway: Be nice. Lift the opposite sex with acts of kindness and appreciation. Don’t label people by what you see. Believe in love and cherish it when you find it. ❤️

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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