How will I know him?

They see a beautiful woman and ask “how are you single?”

You seem to have what every man would want.

Attractive, a career, independent, and more.

They ask the question in confusion. With a puzzled look.

I simply laugh as I reply to the question, “Why are you single?”

I’m single because my season to meet the needs and wants of another person hasn’t arrived yet

Understand I am His before I will ever be anyone else’s

I’ve wasted precious energy lying next to carbon copies of what God has in preparation for me

I’ve settled but now I know my worth so it would be insane to accept anything less than what I deserve

So I spend my days working on my Father’s business

I spend my nights in bed alone educating myself on what I need to know to navigate through this life with intellect and instinct

And when he shows up Because I won’t be looking for him

He just won’t please my eyes but he’ll satisfy my soul

His presence alone will be enough even without his touch

His words will unlock emotions that only God equipped him to

His ability to lead will cause me to follow him with blind faith

His affection will be what I need without even asking

His bravery will cause me to fight harder for my own dreams

His love for his mother and sisters will be the same love he has for me

His respect will be undeniable

I will be his and he will be mine. Me + him + the Father will equal One.

Written by: Britney Clark

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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