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Dear Women:

Dear Women:
Why are you so concerned with outward adornment?

Why are you so anxious to buy the next MK bag only to fill it with the little money you have left?

Why are you so anxious to wear other women’s hair out of insecurity of your own?

Why are you so quick to condemn your male counterparts out of your lack of understanding of their way of thinking?

Why are you searching for yourself in another person?

Why are you so focused on catching a man’s eye instead of his respect?

Why are you carelessly spending your resources on nonproducing assets?

Why do you hold your head down in the presence of another?

Why do you not value your dominion over the Earth?

Why do you give so freely when you have nothing to give?

Why do you disrespect your sister to make yourself better?

Why do you listen to music that degrades you?

Why do you seek wealth from the abilities of others and not your own?

Why do you not stand up for what’s right when you know the truth?
Dear Women, I just want to know WHY you have let centuries, decades, years past without exercising your nation building power.
Wake up and STAND up.
Written by: Britney Clark

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

4 replies on “Dear Women:”

Now this, I love. One of them I don’t understand though.
– “Why do you give so freely when you have nothing to give?” – I don’t understand how this one fits with all the rest. May you expound please?

Thank you. Sure. I am referring to a woman giving her time, resources, and love BEFORE she has satisfied what’s necessary to get her where she needs to be. My perspective is a woman/person should give from her overflow not her tank. Sequential intelligence is key.

Hmmm… That’s an interesting take, thoughtful! I’m almost positive that most upstanding people are guilty of this. It’s human nature, in my opinion. However, I do agree that many people (myself included) give way to freely.
Thanks for the post!

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