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Thin People Have Problems Too

Okay, so we all know weight’s a sensitive topic. It’s like #2 on never ask a woman this list! It seems to be the one of the things people worry or fret over most. It plays a part in your confidence and health. 
Many dread yearly physicals because they know the doctor is going to order a certain amount of pounds to lose to get that blood pressure down or as a prerequisite for a procedure. Many men and women are ashamed of their clothing sizes and how society views them. 
Now granted, I’ve never had to deal with those issues on a serious level. I’m 5’10 with an athletic build with a sunny personality, and I don’t share this to boast about my appearance. I tell you this because I, yes, the slender woman get ugly looks and rude comments based off of my appearance. 
You would not believe the countless times I’m insulted in the gym with comments like “Why are you here? You’re already little.” or “You look so poor.” or “Your legs sure do look like sticks.” First and foremost, no one should feel they have the freedom to openly insult anyone. Secondly, we are all human beings who have feelings. Thirdly, our physical make up is inherited from our parents genetics. Fourthly, we cannot create a better world if people allow their self hate to cause others harm. Fifthly, you never know if a person may be dealing with a disorder or health condition.
Now, if you’re guilty of this.. No worries. You know better now. If you’ve been insulted for your weight or appearance, never take it personally. Be you. Be confident. Be proud of who you are.


By britney

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