I See Dead People

“I see dead people.” No this isn’t a scene from the Sixth Sense. This is reality. This is now. I am disgruntled by the lack of enthusiasm and excellence I encounter on a daily basis. Be it at work, in the grocery store, or even at church. I see and feel the spirits of people who are here but have no light in them. It saddens me even more to witness believers who are “called a part”, but there is no difference in behavior.

Life’s hard. I get it. Every single person faces challenges of some sort, but from those challenges character is created. If life was easy, it would not make sense. No matter what is going on in life, there is always something to be happy about. Just think…If you are reading this you at least have breath in your body, vision, and competence to understand what is being read. Is that not something to smile about? I am reminded of Steve Harvey’s statement on one of Oprah’s Life Classes. He said “If you are already ungrateful, why would God give you more to be ungrateful about?” Excellent point.

Why is there no fire in your eyes about what you do on a daily basis? Even if you are in a job/career that you do not fully enjoy, think about the person who is at the unemployment office anxiously seeking your job. If you are in disagreement with a family member, think about the person who doesn’t even know who their mother or father is. If you do not have all the material things you desire, think about the homeless man sleeping on a vent outside just to stay warm. If you think the preacher preaches too long and the song leader goes on and on, you may want to reconsider making it to Heaven. Why is there no fire in your eyes that resemble gratitude and thankfulness?

Today. Right now. Find something, anything to be enthusiastic about. To be excellence at.

Here’s reminders what these two words mean:

  1. The word « Enthusiasm » has its root in the Greek language, literally it means “the God (entheo) inside (iasm)”. The etymology of the word thus points at its divine origin. An enthusiastic person is someone who is inhabited by the spirit of God.
  2. “Ex” means to exit. As it relates to excellence, it means that whatever is inside of you should come out in the most potent and distinct way.

Let us Exemplify enthusiasm and excellence on a daily basis! If you know of anyone who could benefit from this, please share. All comments and feedback are welcome.

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

2 replies on “I See Dead People”

Wow Britney,

Now this blog is so powerful and so many need to hear this message. I will definitely share this.

People need to be grateful to wake up and see another day but work towards making the day better than the rest.

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