Why did You wake me up this morning? Why is my family doing fine? Why do I have this peace deep inside? You want to use me to change somebody’s life. You are the reason for all blessings from on High.

My vision of God’s doings hasn’t always been this clear. During my early childhood, I spent my Saturday afternoons at gospel concerts or learning the books of the bible for a quiz Sunday morning. Unaware at the time, He was preparing me for a life of stewardship I basked in the melodies and sermons throughout my week, and I still do. By doing that, His purpose for me became clearer and clearer.

Sometimes I ran from the call or made excuses as to why I couldn’t go through with it. If I avoided the original assignment, best believe He sent it around another time.


Now 24, I still walk with God. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve stumbled and fell. BUT, I got back up. God called me to work at a place I initially had no idea why. It was totally different than what I envisioned. [His plans always prevail.]  As time has passed, my purpose and plan He had for me is crystal clear in what I do EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. He put me where a need needed to be met. He put me in a place that needed light and salt. He put me in a place to create an environment that will be better because of His presence through me. It’s not always easy to allocate 10 hours of my day to just this one thing, but HE said “Obedience is greater than sacrifice.” I only have 24, so that leaves 14 to allocate to life, household duties, exercise, project planning, website design, leadership speaking, family time, maybe a few hours of sleep, and the list goes on…You get the picture.

What He has taught me throughout my entire life and currently showing me is that He has chosen me to do extraordinary things. A journey just for me. A life to be used to exhibit His living Word. When the human side of me wants to say “Why Me?” in frustration, the spiritual conquers and says “God, thank You for choosing me.”

Application: Examine your life & become aware of what God has called you to do and do it cheerfully.

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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