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Grow Where You Have Been Planted

There’s a reason why you’re exactly where you are in life. You may not understand it. It may not make sense, but God has you right where you are for a reason. Knowing that reason is very manute to the overall purpose.

Especially as a young adult, you can find yourself thinking you should relocate for better opportunities or go here or there but the truth is everything you need to grow is already where you are. Relationships that can be capitalized on, opportunities right under your nose, and the Holy Spirit to guide you to them all.

I want to encourage you to grow where you are planted. Just like the lilies grazing in the field, you too will spread your light no matter where the first one was planted.

God bless! ❤️

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

One reply on “Grow Where You Have Been Planted”

Wonderful truth, dear! We have the purpose exactly where we are located right now. Until we learn our current lessons in This place and Those people around us in it, we’ll be inevitably returning there to the same circumstances. Once the important developmental lesson in learnt there, we will be “allowed” to relocate for further lessons 🙂

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