We Run by Faith, not by Sight

Most of us are familiar with this verse [ 2 Corinthians 5:7 ]. I gained a better understanding of this recently as I participated in a 5K Midnight Run. The race started at the gym in the heart of the city filled with bright street lights and the rumbling sounds of vehicles as we crossed blocks. About halfway through the run, we ventured off onto the Natchez Trace Trail. We were surrounded by trees, the sounds of crickets, and pure darkness. We couldn’t see but we kept running. Aha! It became very clear to me what God meant. We knew we wanted to finish the race and although we could not see, WE KEPT RUNNING! Our legs began to ache, our breaths shorter the more we pushed, but WE FINISHED! Our race to make it into the kingdom is the same. Keep running. Sometimes we can’t see, but we believe He’s taking care of us!

When you need a picker upper, this song is sure to do just that:

By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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