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College: Still the Golden Ticket?

Millennials have been trained since birth that education is the key to success. We have been trained to go to school, settle for nothing less than honor roll, you’re definitely not cool if you don’t play a sport(actually get in) ha, graduate, and go to work. Education and knowledge is crucial to the progression of any person but with the vast advances of technology you can pretty much learn anything on-line.

As a college graduate and freshly immersing into my career, I have used social skills developed through personal growth and internships more than anything I learned in Governmental Accounting class. Not to say my degree is in vain, but I understand that what you truly want to learn and accomplish in life has very little to do with memorizing PowerPoints and passing the test. The skills to really learn while you are in college are:

1) Resiliency

2) Effective communication skills

3) Networking

4) Entrepreneurship (If you don’t see yourself working for someone else for the rest of your life)

5) Goal setting and execution

6) Learn how to make your assets work for you

I highly encourage any student entering college life or currently in school to seek internships, co-ops, create organizations, take on leadership roles, and never limit your learning to your degree. Also, obtain scholarships so that you do not graduate in debt. Most careers including the one I currently have prefer experience over the degree.

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way discouraging education. What each person decides to do with their life is their choice. God has an individual plan for each of us.  Each of us has a purpose and gifts to glorify Him. These thoughts are simply to encourage one to be aware that a degree does not guarantee or define a successful life. Success : is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

By britney

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