God, Thank You

Today, I landed in a place unfamiliar.. My curiosity led me there and after being there I know it was God’s plan that I be that moment..tonight. Before I entered the room, it was the thickest cloud of joy I’ve witnessed in a while. I met a lady who explained what I was about to experience.

I took my seat and the session started. Smiles and encouraging words filled the room. It was a celebration of sobriety for all kinds of addictions. I happened to see the event on a website and decided to go. Wow, many stood up and acknowledged their addictions. They told their stories of how their diseases are torture to their souls. BUT A higher power is keeping them. Everyone in the room appeared normal. Some even my age. Some my grandmother’s age.

I began to just thank Him. I began to consider why He kept me from such a terrible disease. I was inspired by the fight in everyone in the room. They didn’t remain powerless. We are ALL just an event away from experiencing what others suffer from everyday. Thank God for His keeping power. We don’t deserve it. We can’t earn it. But by His grace, we witness it every single day.

By britney

Loved ❀️ Happy 😁 Blessed πŸ™πŸ½

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