When God Writes Your ❤️ Story

Whoa.. This is new.. As I was talking to a close friend last week, this topic came up.. Of course when two women talk, that conversation always slips it’s way in. This time is was about a series of sermons she was listening to at her church. She encouraged I tune in via the church app, so I am on lesson 2 out of 4. The neat thing about the sermon is, it also comes with a discussion guide to put what you listen to into practice.

The first lesson was entitled “Trusting God to Redeem Your Past.” After reading the title, I thought to myself I’ve already done that. Then I begin to listen to the minister coming from Ruth 1:1-22. We all know the story, but I was enlightened by the points he zeroed in on. You may think you are over an event in your past, but your present behavior may reflect otherwise..Hmmmm.. I began to reflect on past relationships and quickly began to invite God into any experience that may be hindering the right now. People will mistreat you, lie on you, disrespect you, but you have to forgive regardless of the situation. The freedom you find in God allows you to do that. I’m thankful for the revelation of that sermon. You have to allow God to redeem your past..and that’s just the first step.

I tuned into the second lesson this morning, “Being a Person Worth Pursuing.” Watch out now! It is very easy to point the finger at others, but to evaluate who you are is definitely a little harder. This lesson came from Ruth 2:1-23. It was time to look within. Time to ensure I am who God wants me to be to be pursued. I just love how Boaz and Ruth met in the field. Neither of them were looking for each other. Both were whole people. I’ll say that again. Both were whole people. You cannot look for another person to complete you. You will never be filled, and equally important you’ll drain the other person. You find WHOLENESS, completeness, in God. You will attract what you exude. Okay God.. I see it. Whether you are single, dating, or married that is soo important. We were created to be helpmates not hindrances.

The minister also shared seven characteristics a man should possess from the text(Ruth 2). They are as follows:

1) Well – known faith
2) Character
3) Initiative
4) Protector
5) Provider
6) Comforter
7) Servant spirit

And a woman:

1) Well – known faith
2) Hard worker
3) Virtue
4) Attractive
5) Humble
6) Healthy life – giving

YOU CANNOT GIVE LOVE YOU NEVER RECEIVED. Write that one down. Circle it. And highlight it. The only way you can love the way God wants you to is if you get it directly from him(agape love). Agape love is self-sacrificial, divine, unconditional love. It is the highest and the others follow(Eros, philia, and storge). I am reminded of this love everyday by my small wrist tattoo.

So with all that being said, if you are content with it. Constantly Chase God and HE WILL send you who He has for you. You won’t have to force it, take it from somebody else, or borrow it. It will be yours!


By britney

Loved ❤️ Happy 😁 Blessed 🙏🏽

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